The astounding Social Media tricks that you haven’t taken a note of!

Social media in today’s age is a very powerful platform to endorse and exhibit your business to be the best amongst or to showcase it as one of the finest businesses or brands in the industry. With brand awareness, consumer engagement and lots of things, you can take your business to greater heights. Here are a few astounding social media tricks that you haven’t taken a note of:

1. Exhibit optimistic and affirmative customer feedback on Facebook

FacebookIf you encase a proper Facebook page you might know that more than thirty five percent of comments on the page are usually positive feedback or compliments but it gets hidden under the recent posts that are made by others. Fortunately, there are hacks which feature optimistic feedback and comments on your timeline.

You have to get your way in the activity log and click on the left hand side of the activity log where you see post-on-others written. Then click the icon that features a pencil and appears on the right side of the post you wish to exhibit and the menu would drag down. Check the allowed on page option. And you’ll be done.

2. Modify and customize your company/business’s branding on Twitter

TwitterIf you have to be successful in today’s world then you must be able to deliver something that stands apart from the rest. You will have to strive to accomplish an unswerving brand identity especially across various social media platforms. It would help you to establish professionally.
There are many social media platforms that don’t permit the users to customize and modify their stance on their social media profile but Twitter does. You can easily modify the wallpaper, background, hyperlink, tweet text and hash-tag in a distinctive color that contests your brand.
To modify your profile you will have to click the gear icon that is exhibited on the top right corner of your screen and click on Settings. Then choose design on the left side of the screen. In the design menu, you can opt for various different themes or make one for your brand. You can choose a theme or color that matches with your brand or business as well.

3. Enhanced business updates for LinkedIn

LinkedinBeing a professional social media platform, there isn’t much that you can do to get creative on LinkedIn, but you can feature inventive and creative business updates with easy and convenient hacks, you just have to update and post rich media. There are mainstream companies and people who are simply sharing links on LinkedIn.

To stand apart from the rest you can enhance your content and business updates by posting YouTube video links, SlideShare presentation links and share images. Such content looks distinctive and consumer engaging and can generate good traffic and viewing. Your content would be accredited and there is a fine chance that you can have more and more consumers liking your content when you post rich media on LinkedIn.

4. Utilize Pinterest to seek for new customers

PinterestPinterest has astounding ability to search. You can keep the search engine privacy turned on and with your personal Pinterest account, make the grounding research. Turn this setting off is highly advised for the companies and brands. This permits the search engines like Google to exhibit your Pinterest pins and boards along with their search results.

When you turn off your search privacy within the Pinterest account settings, it would permit your boards and profiles to come into sight in the search results. It is an astounding way to seek for new customers and leverage your businesses success. Add keywords in the title of your board with effective descriptions and you are good to go.

However, the aforementioned hacks, you might never have taken note of. It’s time you work upon the hacks and acknowledge them.

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Rajat Jain is one of the India’s leading social media consultant & digital marketing strategist, extensively known for his Search Engine Expertise. He is the founder of ShootOrder | Digital Marketing Agency, a famous digital marketing firm in Hyderabad (India).

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