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Important things you must know before sending a parcel

Though almost everything can be done online these days there are times when we simply must leave our computers aside and think real-life. If you have never sent a parcel for delivery, this will be one of those real-life moments for you.


Below are some guidelines that you should follow:

  • All courier companies are not the same. They do not offer the same services and some of them may be more suitable for your needs than others. Make sure you find out which ones are for you.
  • Pack properly. If you are delivering IT or electronic products, make sure to pack them in their original boxes and to use anti-static bags and cushioning. If you are delivering anything else, make sure to wrap them properly, place them in adequate-sized boxes and use cushioning to avoid accidents.
  • If you need a fast delivery then courier service is better for you. They are speedy, and many offer same-day collection if you book early enough. So, for urgent deliveries, they may be the most economical option.
  • When it comes to international parcel delivery this is still a bit more expensive than local couriers. Aside from the price of the delivery proper though, make sure to take into consideration any other taxes and fees that may apply. Before sending off a parcel, carefully read your company’s rules on shipping internationally. parcel-guidelines
  • Ensure the address is correctly written. Though this sounds obvious and silly but it is indeed a common cause of trouble. Often foreign addresses are displayed in a different format and even the spelling of words can be sometimes tricking. To avoid any postal problem, check the destination’s address carefully ensuring all letters and numbers are correct and displayed on the parcel in clear writing.
  • Be sure to measure and weigh your parcel accurately when getting a quote. If the package is bigger or heavier than stated, you may have to pay a surcharge. Plus, if it exceeds size restrictions, it may not fit in the courier company’s sorting machines and could be damaged or even returned to you.
  • For that extra peace of mind, it’s always a good idea to send parcels internationally with a courier service that provides online tracking. Not only will it give you a good idea of when the parcel is due to arrive, but it also allows you to monitor the progress of your shipment.

Written By T Kandiah





Image Credit: Steve Goss

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