Parcel Delivery Service Trends of 2021

The global pandemic COVID-19 health crisis has affected many businesses worldwide across all sectors; however, the courier and delivery services sector has managed to continue to grow and benefit from this. With the unprecedented peak season, the parcel delivery industry will continue to grow and undergo some changes in the year 2021. During the global pandemic, the industry did take a hit and the way people shop now has changed. Many delivery companies are now making changes to every aspect of the business to prevent any setbacks in the future. The demand for parcel delivery services has increased. Here are some of the parcel delivery service trends of 2021 researched by Parcel Direct, a lead international courier company.


How does Parcel Delivery work?

Parcel delivery steps:

  • Courier Collection  – Once you have your package to be shipped carefully labelled and packed properly, you must then hand over your package to the courier you have chosen. Depending on the courier you have chosen, you can deliver it yourself to the local drop off point and or arrange to have the parcel collected from your home.
  • Courier Depot Journey  – Your parcel will be sorted at the local parcel depot. All parcels are sorted according to their destination country and address.
  • Destination hub receives the Package  – Your parcel will reach another depot where it will be sorted once more. This depot will be close to the destination and address.
  • The Parcel is collected by the Delivery Driver – Delivery drivers are assigned to specific routes and destinations. Your package will be delivered to your address.
  • Final Delivery  – If you are not available to accept the parcel, a delivery card or message will be sent to you. The driver will attempt to deliver the parcel the next day.

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Wide range of Delivery Options

Customers like to have the option of many different delivery options, so couriers and parcel delivery companies are tapping into this great opportunity. Throughout 2021, couriers and parcel delivery companies will continue to expand their carrier networks to ensure they reach regional and local carriers. For example, UPS are enhancing their alliance with Michaels, Dollar General, and Walgreens. This is helping reduce the costs of deliveries while providing customers with several delivery options. Some delivery options with e-commerce sites offer include collect-instore, curbside pickup, and next-day delivery. Modern-day customers expect deliveries and shipping methods to be fast and reliable. Customers prefer to spend their money on speedy and convenient delivery services like next-day delivery instead of free delivery. Growing in popularity is the collect in-store service option.

Eco-Friendly Packaging and Shipping practices 

Consumers who shop online are conscious of their impact on the environment. Today’s consumers are questioning the need for excessive packaging and are more inclined to choose sustainable delivery options. To meet consumer expectations and needs, shipment companies are starting to replace filling materials and packaging with recyclable alternatives. Shipping practices and environmentally friendly packaging include reducing package sizes, carbon neutral shipping, and transporting packages in bulk. Some courier shipping services are providing a program to return empty packaging which in turn will promote sustainability.

On-demand Delivery services increased

Consumers today want their packages delivered in the quickest and shortest time possible. Due to this, some shipment companies are now providing an on-demand delivery service. This service guarantees quick and convenient deliveries, so consumers won’t worry about their parcels being delayed. Businesses can benefit from on-demand courier services by increasing efficiency and allowing order tracking. Whether you are delivering a small gift to a larger gift such as a go kart, consumers still want the same fast shipping options. During the COVID-19 pandemic health crisis many people are and were working from home. This gives courier companies a great opportunity to grow. E-commerce will continue to grow which will drive the parcel delivery demand. How shippers and retailers manage the demand for parcel deliveries will show exactly what parcel delivery trends will be in the next few years. Delivery services currently include carrier options, sustainability, using advanced tech like drones to deliver parcels, and high demand for on-demand delivery services.

Cloud Computing Technology development for making improvements in Deliveries

E-commerce is growing, even more so since the pandemic began, most consumers are purchasing online from their homes. This increase in demand is prompting many couriers to use cloud computing technology to make their businesses more connected, speedy, and flexible in every area at the same time. This will also allow them to monitor the shipping process every step of the way. If something unexpected happened, every business will be able to react quicker and execute the important decisions faster for deliveries to not stop at any stage. This technology will enhance the connectivity, speed, flexibility, and scalability of all chain supplies. Every team can execute, track, and analyze every parcel and shipment in a single solution.


Shippers will grow their carrier network

Shipment companies are looking to grow carrier networks to include regional and local carriers in the prevention of future distribution disruptions. As companies ship from their store rather than from central distribution centers, there will be an increase in courier service that delivers parcels from a store to a local customer. Retail giants like UPS and DHL had to implement strict limits for shipments and had to turn down many parcels since the pandemic disrupted the shipping industries worldwide. As a result of this there were a lot of delays on orders and losses for many shipments and courier companies. More courier companies are now increasing their partner network in order to prevent any setbacks in the future.

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