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Quality System of Software Development

Quality software perhaps one of the most serious problems of the software industry. Quality – it’s much more than just the absence of errors. It involves a set of different characteristics: reliability, resistance to cracking, adaptability, interoperability, maintainability, portability, efficiency and so on. It is not surprising that in the […]


8 Advantages of Open Source Software

Organizations stumble upon huge amount of pressure and complexity while using closed source software. These complexities can be encounter by using Open Source Software (OSS). Below are Open Source Software advantages:  Cost reduction There is a scope for huge cost savings as many open source software are free. It is […]

PDF Software

How To Choose The Right PDF Software

The Portable Document Format or PDF has bought the heart and trust of millions of people all over the world due to its versatility, printability and portability. PDF supports high levels of data encryption as well as various interactive features, making it easier for many business people, educators and students […]