Revolutionary Cannabis + Tea Combos to Kill Your Pain

Most people use cannabis for recreation and fun but have overlooked the many benefits that come with the product. Yes, cannabis comes with a range of benefits to your body. From improved digestion to enhanced weight loss and if you need an energizing experience, then you can check the plenty of Sativa variety available online.

While there are numerous ways to consume your cannabis, it is always good to get creative and try out new things. One of the effective proven way to help alleviate body pain is the cannabis plus tea combination. It works magic, something that has led to its reinvention as an essential self-care and wellness product.

But how can you get creative with these products to make your experience exceptional and worthwhile? Here are a few ways to do so.
Tea Combos
1. Tea Bags:
One of the well-known benefits of cannabis tea is its role in relieving pain. Marijuana contains THC which can bind to pain in your brain like how pain relievers work, thus providing you with comfort. Here is the good news; cannabis doesn’t expose you to dangerous side effects like most of the pharmaceuticals. This is why many people are embracing the use of marijuana to relieve pain from various diseases.

If you are used to tea such that you can’t go a day without this incredible stimulant, then you need to incorporate tea bags into your sipping routine. Tea is an important stimulant that keeps you focused and active. Now imagine your tea with a sense of your favorite drug, cannabis. Even better, it is in tea bags, and you can easily carry them around.

The best part about the tea bags and mixes is that they come at a reasonable ratio, and you do not have to worry about overdosing on cannabis. They have precisely metered cannabinoid ratios within the tea to ensure that there are no harmful effects on the end-users. This means that you can enjoy your cup of tea and carry on with your work without any complications. Instead, your productivity might get a boost.

2. Bath Tea:
You probably think that this is a joke. Well, this is a dream come true to many cannabis lovers as you can now access the super easy to use cannabis bath tea and get amazing results. You can even access a bath tea exclusively made of a whole hemp flower. So far, the available bath tea bags contain some clove oil and rosehips, which are meant to soothe your skin and make your bath more relaxing.

Also, considering that the tea is from hemp implies that there is only a small percentage of CBD available, so you do not have to worry about any mental effects after using it. All you need to do is dip the tea in hot bathwater. Wait for a few minutes until it cools down, and once it’s cooled enough, you can get into the bathtub and enjoy the herby water.

When you come out of the bath, you will enjoy the feeling of relaxed muscles. This means no more sores and fatigue for no good reason. This kind of spa is the best way to end a tiresome day before retiring to bed, and you will wake up in the morning feeling very relaxed and ready to conquer your goals.

3. Cannabis-Infused Sweetener: 
Cannabis tea is now re-invented and made it more interesting. Some brands are coming up with new ways to make the drink sweeter by introducing natural cannabis sweeteners such as sugar cane to give the tea a better taste. It is an excellent way of motivating users to use it, especially when in need of cannabis for pain relief. The best part about the sugarcane infused cannabis is that you can use it with regular tea. You can add a little bit of it in your daily tea routine, which is an advantage as it helps you balance the amount consumed per day. Even better; if you are not a ‘tea person,’ you can crush the tea cubes and add them in your cereal or fresh fruits. It is up to you, and clearly, this one makes your routine incredibly flexible, which is an excellent thing for anyone trying to get rid of the pain.

These are the top three creative ways to integrate cannabis in your routine and help manage pain. They are all safe provided you follow the instructions and avoid over-using them. You will not only be alleviating pain but also, reduce inflammation, improve your cognitive functioning, and enhance your productivity. What’s more, budget-conscious consumers can now get high quality and affordable weed at budget buds. Get some and make the tea from the comfort of your home using butter oil and other easy recipes.

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