Top 5 Myths Used as Arguments Against Cannabis

For decades, marijuana has been used for both medical and recreational benefits. Although the benefits of cannabis are quite vivid, there are still those who do not believe in its advantages. Unfortunately, such people have gone ahead and recruited others into believing myths they cannot back up with science. This called for the need for extensive research into what Marijuana is and its effects on users. Studies that followed thus served to deliver clarity to those previously in doubt. It is from such research that we can comfortably rule out some myths used against cannabis.



Below are the top five myths used as arguments against marijuana and once you are convinced that Cannabis is actually good for health when taken in the right quantity, you can also avail joy organic codes for you.

1. Marijuana Has no Medical Value: This is, by far, one of the biggest myths the anti-marijuana people use to scare people off from enjoying the benefits of cannabis. It is unfortunate that due to this statement, some states are yet to embrace Marijuana and legalize it. What’s more, due to such arguments, Marijuana has, in some countries, been categorized with those drugs thought to have no medical application. The reason behind this myth could be big pharmaceutical companies fearing the competition that Marijuana is displaying in the medical field.

Medical Marijuana is an effective anti-inflammatory and pain reliever. The CBD present in Marijuana interacts with the endocannabinoid system (ECS). ECS is the system responsible for controlling vital functions in the body, such as pain and inflammation. Study shows medical cannabis’ effectiveness in managing severe conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, Glaucoma, multiple sclerosis, and Epilepsy. Most of these conditions, such as arthritis, are manageable by the use of cannabis owing to its effectiveness in reducing chronic pain. Additionally, Marijuana is useful in the management of health conditions such as Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and schizophrenia. This is due to its ability to calm anxiety and depression.

2. Cannabis is a Gateway to Indulgence in Harder Drugs: This is a myth many believe out of unbacked fear. Many fear that using Marijuana will lead one to the path of using harder drugs, often with devastating effects. This belief is that the use of cannabis will inspire a person to experiment with even more dangerous drugs. A study published by the Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences highlighted that there is no link between marijuana use and later use of harder drugs. The possibility of one shifting to harder drugs is dependent on one’s addictive behavior or curiosity.


3. Marijuana use Leads to Crime: The use of Marijuana has a lot of effects on a person, such as on their mood and behavior. However, this is not inclusive of violence. Cannabis, unlike alcohol, does not unleash criminal behavior. Despite this truth, there are still numerous people who believe that it does.

Numerous factors lead people to commit crimes. Some people even commit murder when sober. Moreover, there are indications to show that there are fewer crime rates or stagnation of crime levels in states where Marijuana is already legal.

4. Marijuana is Addictive: The majority of marijuana opponents highly propose this myth. The use of Marijuana in high doses does indeed pose some problems to users such as hyperactivity. Marijuana rarely leads to user dependency. Only a small percentage of users become addicted, i.e. 9%, while alcohol and cocaine make up for 15% and 17%, respectively. Even with these statistics, some scientists and professionals still feel that the 9% estimate is an exaggeration. Although some, develop an addiction, cannabis addiction is less intense. Therefore, it is easier for one to abandon its usage within a short duration. This means that, for most users, they do not develop build-up tolerance and withdrawal symptoms upon quitting.

5. CBD Derived from Hemp is Different from that Derived from Marijuana: CBD is a non-psychoactive substance obtained from the cannabis plant. This means that CBD does not get you high. CBD is very abundant on the market in most products, even in the form of candy and edibles. CBD is responsible for most of the therapeutic factors associated with Marijuana. However, some tend to believe that the only useful products are from Hemp.


However, there are no chemical or molecular differences between the CBD derived from Hemp and cannabis. This is because they are plants of the same species. Thus, the benefits you hope to reap from CBD derived from Hemp, you can also obtain them from cannabis.

Conclusion: All these are myths that are used by those against the use of cannabis. However, mounting evidence shows the benefits of cannabis. Therefore, it is only fair that those against its use stop spreading these unproven myths. This way, it will open up the eyes of the society towards embracing this vital plant. When you want to grow your cannabis and tend to it, then you have the guarantee of enjoying these benefits first hand. Germinating cannabis seeds is not a challenging affair provided you have the basics and the patience to watch them grow.

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