Tempted to Cheat? No Problem

We are always combing through magazines, books and articles for the latest research on food, nutrition, diets, fitness and health almost every day. By now we have become experts in knowing how and what we should be eating in order to get those ripped muscles, flat abs, enhanced energy levels and increased immunity. But we do not always follow health advice to the ‘T’. Let’s admit it, at the end of the day we are all human. We have our temptations and vices and whether we like it or not, we sometimes unwittingly and blindly indulge in unhealthy foods, which can be quite a normal ting to do, especially if you are accustomed to daily exercise and healthy diet. In fact, food experts suggest that indulging in cheat meals or snacks, in moderation, can actually be a stepping stone to leading a healthy lifestyle. Like most of us, you too would have fallen off the wagon sometimes, but here is what you might want to reach out for each time you are tempted to cheat.

cheat over food

  1. Cheeseburger

Since most cheat meals usually take place sometimes during the weekend, a good cheeseburger loaded with lettuce, peppers and onions can sometimes be a good break. Or indulging in a cheese steak with plenty of veggies on the side can also be a good treat. If you are craving for sweet tooth experience, you can opt for a large piece of dark or bitter chocolate or sometimes just munch on pieces of whole wheat or multigrain toast.

  1. Blueberry pancakes

Another favourite cheat meal can be a great batch of pancakes loaded with fresh blueberries or any kind of berries that you prefer, with Chantilly cream on top.

  1. Chocolate covered raisins or dried fruit

Most people, who are pretty stringent about their diet throughout the day, eating healthy meals and snacks including oatmeal and salads, sometimes tend to dive straight through in to a sweet treat at the end of a day. It is perfectly normal to pop in a few pieces of chocolate covered raisins after a meal. Just a few.

  1. Sicilian pizza

One perfect cheat meal generally indulged by most dieters is a mouth-watering piece of pizza. If you are craving for a hunky piece of bread lathered with the tomato sauce and pepperoni, opt for a single portion of thick Sicilian pizza loaded with fresh peppers, extra onions and pepperoni. Or you could opt for a serving of chicken and rice with added cheese on top to make it look like a burrito, instead of the pizza, as in a normal cheat meal. If you have had one of those days where a marathon session has literally depleted all your energy, for example surfing continuously, you might want to sink your teeth into a large thin crust pizza loaded with sun dried tomatoes, peppers, onions, pineapples and pepperoni.

  1. Roasted almonds

As a go-to snack or something to munch on between meals, you could look into snacking on wasabi roasted almonds. On the plus side, these wasabi covered almonds are reasonably healthy and also extremely satisfying, and additionally one cannot have too many without the taste buds becoming overwhelmed. So the nuts actually help in curbing your appetite.

  1. Ice creams

Everyone’s famous cheat meal, ice creams can sometimes act a great snack for energy. Instead of opting for full fat creams, try to get a medium fat ice cream that does not compromise on taste nor does it make you feel like wanting to have more. Gelatos, sorbets and fruit ice creams can sometimes be a great treat, especially if you are all drained out at the end of a particularly strenuous day.

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