The Best Corporate Gifts You Can Give to Your Colleagues

Is one of your colleagues’ birthdays coming up? Or maybe it’s the anniversary of your boss, and you want to impress him with a surprise gift? Well, it’s challenging to find the right gift when you have to give it to your colleague, boss, or someone who works under you.

You shouldn’t pick something that sends the wrong message. For example, a bouquet of red roses to a female colleague could send the wrong signal to her and other employees. You need to play it safe. And so, if you don’t know the best corporate gifts to buy, here’s a list recommended by LC Gifts that you can keep in mind.


1. Amazon gift card

If you don’t want to think of any gift and let your colleague choose, you should give an Amazon gift card. Amazon has a range of gift cards that you can purchase online. The advantage of this gift is that your colleague can buy whatever he wants.

You don’t have to brainstorm and come up with a gift idea that would impress him. Just pick one of the gift cards according to your budget and send it to your colleague online.  This is also good idea for employee appreciation gifts.

2. Terrarium

A terrarium desk kit or succulent arrangement is one of the best corporate gifts that you can give to your colleagues or anyone in your office. These desk accessories are growing in popularity as corporate gifts because they remind everyone that they can grow with the help of others.

Moreover, succulents don’t require regular watering. It won’t become a burden to the person you gift to. Instead, he may appreciate this thoughtful gift as it can brighten up his day and make his desk look beautiful.

3. Toiletry/cosmetic bag/teeth whitening

You don’t often come across toiletry or cosmetic bag as a corporate gift, and that’s what makes it unique. Your colleague won’t expect you to gift a toiletry kit and would be surprised to see it. You can fill up the bag with a shaving kit and other grooming accessories. Your colleague can carry the bag whenever he travels.

On the other hand, if it’s a female, you can gift her a cosmetic bag. Women usually carry a few cosmetics in their bags every day. Why not dedicate an entire bag for those items? These bags come in various sizes. You can choose one according to your budget.

On the other hand, if you are looking to splash out, then buy a teeth whitening powder such as is a fantastic present that anyone would love.

4. Coffee or tea blends

To gift this, you first need to know whether the person you want to give it drinks tea or coffee. Usually, most people drink either of the two. Some drink both. A box of flavored tea or gourmet coffee blends can be one of the best corporate gifts for your colleague.

They cost less than $50, so you wouldn’t need to spend a fortune on them. For those who love both tea and coffee, you can make a personalized box where you can pick the best flavored tea and roasted coffee beans.

5. Personalized water bottle

Does your colleague keep complaining about dented water bottles in the pantry? Well, you can gift him a personalized water bottle that has his name and a small message. Many online stores have different water bottle options where you can imprint the name of your colleague, your preferred message, and even a personalized logo.

The prices differ according to the size of the bottle and the length of the message that you want to print. These bottles are usually sturdy and won’t get scratches or dents easily.

6. Coffee table book

Do you know whether your colleague loves reading books or not? If he does, you can gift him a coffee table book. This can be anything, from an encyclopedia or books that explore the different streets and lanes of your city to books of any genre that he likes.

The advantage of gifting books is that they don’t cost you a lot, and secondly, you don’t have to search in different stores. Just order the book that you think he would like from an online store and get it delivered before the day when you want to give the gift.

7. Restaurant gift card

Does your colleague love to eat at new restaurants? Do you often see him putting photos on Instagram of new dishes that he tried recently? If yes, you can gift a restaurant gift card. If you know any restaurant that he has not tried so far, you can get a gift card from that place and give it to him.

It’s an unusual corporate gift, but will definitely bring a smile to the face of your colleague. Again, you can choose the amount of the gift card according to your budget.

8. Portable phone charger

Almost everyone has a smartphone these days. However, they don’t always carry their charger to the office. Attending calls throughout the day can drain their phones’ batteries. If you are planning to gift something to one of your colleagues on his birthday, why not give a portable phone charger?

Portable phone chargers are available in different capacities, such as 10,000 mAh, 15,000 mAh, 20,000 mAh, or even more. It can be a good gift if your colleague makes and receives a lot of phone calls every day.

9. Personalized notebook

This may be one of the most clichéd corporate gifts ever, but it still works in 2021. Many online stores provide high-quality personalized notebooks at affordable prices. You can pick a design that you like and ask the store to engrave your colleague’s name and a small message.

Some stores allow you to choose the page quality and the number of pages you want in the notebook. You can even choose from leather-bound notebooks that look stylish with a name engraved on them.

These are some of the most trending and best corporate gifts you can give to your colleagues. If you are looking for good quality gifts for men, then Manly Stuff are the best online stores to shop on. A few more that you can consider are a personalized calendar, gourmet food basket, kindle, make a charity donation, beer brewing kit, cook’s basket, headphones, self-heating coffee mug, and custom golf balls and tees. Make sure you compare the prices of different gifts and choose one that fits your budget.

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