The Most Twisted Secret About The Male Brain (You’ll Be Pleasantly Surprised)

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  • Do you want LOVE from a man? Then rub the reptile.
  • Do you want him to WORSHIP you like a goddess? Then rub his reptile.
  • Do you want him to finally get over his weird EMOTIONAL HANGUPS & commit to you? Then once again, rub his reptile.

I don’t know if you know this or not but every human being has something called the reptilian brainReptilian Brain.

The sole job of this portion of your brain is to ensure your survival and to make sure that you achieve maximum possible pleasure out of everything you do.

So the core job of this brain is survival and pleasure.

This brain basically follows 2 rules…

Rule 1- Unlike your logical brain, this brain doesn’t have the power to reason and only understands the simple language of pain or pleasure.

Therefore, it tends to motivate you to do more of the things which please you and less of the things which give you pain.

Rule 2 – Since this brain doesn’t have any power to reason, any message sent directly to this part of a man’s brain is followed with an extreme sense of urgency because it doesn’t have the power to reason, and it has no power to reject a command.

For example, if I say “DON’T” think of a big, fat, blue COW…

What’s the first thing which popped into your head? An image of a blue cow RIGHT?

That’s because your reptilian brain can’t reject a command even when it is told “Not to do something”.

Therefore, when you plant messages or suggestions in a man’s reptilian brain, he becomes utterly immune to everything else and follows through with your commands as if it is something really urgent.

So now can you understand why I kept saying rub his reptile?

To illustrate this further, let me ask you a quick question…

cheating-on-wifeHave you ever been around a man, who was starting to grow bored and distant to the point where you tried desperately hard & did all the right things…

…but nothing worked & he kept slipping further and further away from you?

Have you ever seen a man going absolutely brain dead in attraction for a specific woman to the point…

…where he ends up doing some very shocking, embarrassing and almost stupid things?

Why do you think such a thing happens?

This happens when a man’s reptilian brain is completely convinced that a particular woman is a source of pleasure…

And as a result it force feeds feelings of attraction in a man’s system which urges him to actively pursue that woman.

When the reptilian brain concludes that being around a certain woman isn’t pleasurable enough, it will naturally make a man feel that ugly knot of bitterness in his stomach, which will make him feel repulsed by that specific woman.

In short, if you know how to trigger a man’s reptilian brain the right way, you can make him go absolutely crazy for you but get it wrong, and he will massively hate you and won’t even know why.
So how do you do it?

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  1. Christina Connor

    I cant afford it. I am really needing this to get the guy I love to stick with me. Considering that I am pregnant with twins by him

  2. Sandy Ponce

    Would like to learn more about the program. I enjoyed what was said in the parts I did listen to. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Nicole Panetta

    Sounds interesting. Read during my college days that the reptile brain reciprocates to the most basic of human psyche. Will definitely see what is in store 😉

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