Spring Detox Guide: 7 Detox Tips to Boost Energy Levels

When was the last time you did a proper detox? The human body is always vulnerable to disease and infection when we fail to provide it with nutrients such as antioxidants and activity that helps to remove toxic waste. The challenge is that you’re going to accumulate all sorts of toxins from regular things like foodstuffs, beverages, beauty products, clothing, and exposure to the elements.

Without a proper detox plan, the different compounds that we’re exposed to every day can cause a buildup of waste material in the blood and cells of essential organs, to the point where normal physiology is severely altered.


The most common sign that you need to detox is headaches, especially if you get them regularly for no apparent reason (no sun exposure, or dehydration).

Other Symptoms Include:
• Feeling tired
• Digestion problems
• Fatigue
• Lack of appetite
• Nausea
• Opportunistic infections
• Migraines
• Lower back pain (in some cases)
• Lack of focus/concentration
• Stomach pain
• Difficulty in passing stool

To get your body and mind freshened up and filled with energy, start doing the following activities today!

1) Exercise: Exercise is absolutely vital to human health. It is one of the most basic activity that helps to prolong life.We’re not even talking about weightlifting here, which has its own benefits. The simple process of exertion has tremendous benefits to your mental and physical health. Exercise enables you to engage the joints and muscles for more power and coordination. It also gives youhigher energy levels, reduces the risk of stroke, and shapes your physical appearance.Becausethe benefits of exercise are too many to list here, we’ll only mention a few.

• Builds stamina
• Improves cardiovascular health
• Promotes metabolic function
• Prevents obesity
• Prevents type 2 diabetes
• Improves mental focus
• Reduces stress

Our advice to you for exercise is to start with minimal exertion and then work your way up; so things like walking, running, cycling, swimming, or a treadmill. These are effective methods to increase stamina. When possible, throw in a few different workouts in your gym session to build power and target your back, thighs, flanks, shoulders, etc. In the case of weightlifting, work with a gym instructor to prevent injury.

2) Take a Cold Shower: A cold shower not only revitalizes the body, but it also has the benefit of “grounding” you, especially when you feel uneasy or stuffy. Take cold showers to boost energy, wake up your body, and improve alertness. A cold shower also causes you to take deeper breaths and reduce Co2 throughout your body.


3) Don’t Skip Breakfast — or Any Other Meal: Skipping meals had been shown to have mostly negative effects to human health; and this includes any effort to lose weight, which will backfire on you. Breakfast is of course the most important meal because it sets the tone for the rest of your day and influences processes such as metabolism, mood, and energy levels.

To keep your energy high throughout the day, put away the coffee and bagel and spend more time making a proper breakfast. Fresh fruit juice, fiber, and protein: these are the nutrients needed to fire up your metabolism and keep your blood sugar levels within a healthy range.

Instead of skipping meals, consider serving smaller portions and eating fruits and salads when cravings hit. Watch your calorie count to keep a balance between what you consume, and your energy expenditure for each day.

4) Remove Toxins with Herbs: Natural herbs have an amazing ability to clear out toxins from your body, while also enhancing the way the immune system fights harmful bacteria and pathogens,and removal of damaged cells before they cause mutations. To get the most from natural herbs, it’s probably best to combine two or more types of healing plants for a stronger and lasting therapeutic effect. Perhaps use some natural herbs in your bathwater, while also adding them to your meals or drinks.

Some of the Best Natural Herbs for Detox Include:
• Sage
• Rosemary
• Hemp
• Jojoba
• Jasmine
• Cocoa
• Ginger
• Lemon
• Garlic

There’s no downside to using natural herbs, so feel free to try different plants for the scent and flavor they add to your life. Use them in your recipes to make cooking fun!

5)Reduce Stress: Stress reduction is probably the most difficult thing to get a handle on. This is because many of us tend to pile on the issues as each day brings its own challenges, so that before you’ve had time to process what happened today, tomorrow brings new challenges to add to the old ones.

Indeed, there’s no way to completely avoid stress, but maybe we can come up with a process that allows us to minimize the impact of stress, by releasing energy. Few methods are as effective at managing stress than meditation. If you haven’t already, try doing some yoga, or get into meditative state for 20 minutes in the morning before leaving for work.

Here are Some More Ideas:
• Practice mindfulness at work, school
• Practice slow, deep breathing
• Take up yoga
• Meditate every day, in your own way
• Try music therapy
• Scented bath with candles and everything
• Go for a massage

Don’t focus too much on getting the meditative position correct; what’s more important than position is intent, so we recommend that you find a way to meditate that works for you.

6) Stay Hydrated: Drink fluids to keep your body temperature regulated, and also to help with digestion, nutrient absorption, removal of toxins, and many more.

Here are Some Tips for Staying Hydrated:
• Drink a glass of warm water before breakfast
• Carry a water bottle to work, school
• Use natural fruit flavors to add taste to water
• Drink 8 glasses per day (more if needed)
• Replace sugary drinks with water and/or fruit juice
• Drink water before meals, to reduce consumption

7) Restrict Your Sleep: Researchers now say that sleeping more than 8 hours could be bad for your health. We can add that failure to establish a regular sleeping pattern can also damage your health in ways that may not be immediately clear.
There is so much that happens in the body during sleep, that everybody needs to be aware of their habits as it relates to healthy sleep. Restrict sleep to the 7-8 hours that you get at night and avoid falling asleep again during the day as this can throw off your circadian rhythm.

Go to bed at regular times a stay away from things that make it harder to sleep through the night, such as coffee, bright screens, alcohol, and drugs.

Practice these tips every day for a stronger, healthier you!

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