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What can you do with a commission advance? Here’s what you should know!

A commission advance is the money a realtor can get from a real estate cash advance company in return for their commission advance deal and a flat fee. In simple words, it is an advance on the payment the real estate agent is about to get after the closure of their current sale. The value depends on the current or their forthcoming commission directly. Therefore, sometimes, the amount is as high as $10000 and sometimes it is as meager as $1000. The real estate market is unpredictable, and so are the commissions. The advance cash commission just provides some amount of certainty in the lives of the thousands of real estate agents and realtors working the markets in the USA.


What can a cash advance do for a realtor?

With amounts as less as $1000, you may wonder what good it will do for you personally and professionally. The real estate broker commission advance companies usually charge a flat fee, thus losing money in the form of processing fees, interests and penalties is not a real fear over here.

You can use the amount for the following –

Promotions and marketing

Every agency and business needs marketing strategies. No matter how popular your business is and how much money you are raking in per quarter, sometimes call for strong promotional campaigns. Not having enough cash on hand due to faltering commissions can ruin all plans of promotions.

Draw more attention to your open house

You can design new cards, decorate your new open house and even organize small fiestas for people to join in. This shows how much you care about the home you are about to see and upsells its value.

Get your signage

Digital signage at the station, bus stop, and online marketing are trending right now. You need to stop wasting time and hop on the digital bandwagon as soon as you can. Many websites offer seasonal advertising rates, and you can avail them when you have a little cash in your pockets.

Invest in thank you notes/gifts

Remembering your old clients may not help you sell a house immediately, but it will help you get lots of positive reviews. Send them to thank you cards, flowers or gifts like candles, with a small note requesting them to visit your site and leave a review on business directories like Yelp.

Learn something new

The world is always moving forward. Whenever possible, invest some money in training yourself and your employees. Even a well-trained receptionist can help your business retain more clients. There is always some new seminar and training workshop going on for realtors and real estate agents. You can enroll for more degree certificates from prestigious institutions for garnering more trust from your clients.

Pay your bills

This is the simplest and the most obvious option! Go ahead and pay the utility bills or pay off your debtors. Even small amounts can bring about a lot of financial freedom for a person and a company.

These are the six most common things you can do to make the most of the cash advance you can get your listing or your closure!

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