Which are the most popular games for Kids?

Kids in these days are quite intelligent and tend to pick up things very fast. When it comes to games, it’s one of the most important things today in every child life which not only keeps them busy at the same time increases the IQ level of the kids at a faster rate. Most of the kids these days want to have their favorite game in IPad which is one of the fastest moving tablet today.


The games which are available today in tablets are for all the age group, which include a range of games for kids as well as adults. Matching Games for Kids which are available in the market today are really amazing which help the kids to build up their confidence in various subjects. There are games related to science, maths, vocabulary, memory based and so on.

Below are some of the educational games which are very much popular among most of the kids worldwide.

  • Angry Birds!! This is one of the games which has not only become a hype among kids but also among most of the adults. The game is created in such a manner that it easily supports android as well all kind of tabs and iPhone. The game is designed in different levels with challenges, replay value, physical based, etc. Each level is different which is made with a blend of skill and a typical brute force to crush the enemy.


  • Memory block is also one of the adored games among most of the kids and is available in most of the app stores worldwide. These games are made in a very versatile manner which tests and keeps your mind relaxed. This game is divided into 4 different speed which allows you to test your kids IQ level and reflexes.
  • Flying game for kids consists of racing penguin which is a physics based game. It allows the kids to easily slide down the mountains of Antarctica and flap your wings in the best ways to fly. The games has 24 levels in all with 3 worlds. The game contains stars which is used to unlock the door for next world. The more you collect stars the faster you can complete the levels and enjoy the journey in different world.


  • Math Puppy is also one of the games which will take you to the journey of arithmetic which you might have never experienced before. This game is very much famous among school age and teens. This is the perfect game which will allow you to build up your math skills in the best ways. This game is very different with a lot of construction, interactive and supportive session which the player has to go through while playing.

These Matching Games for Kids have become one of the important part in everyone’s life which not only gives us a peace of mind in our day to day life but also keeps us aside from all the stress and tension which we face in our daily activities. Kids grow up quite intelligent and confident because of these kind of games which always keeps them active and thinking.

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