5 Resources Every Aspiring Businessman Should Frequent

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Starting a business of your own is a golden dream of many an employee who is tired of being a cog in the machine instead of owning one. But it doesn’t mean that founding a business will automatically resolve all the problems you have in life – on the contrary, it is going to bring a lot of new ones. Interesting, fascinating, but still problems – and to deal with them you are going to need proper sources of information.

1. LuckyPosting

Whatever some SEO specialists may say, the industry marches on, and after the emergence of Google Panda, Hummingbird and Penguin algorithms one can no longer make a name by stuffing his website with tons of inane keyword-ridden drivel. Yet one has to somehow get into search results without using black hat methods. The answer? Order legitimate, meaningful blogposts from a company specializing in this kind of business. They will promote your brand while simultaneously providing readers with useful information – and along the way you may learn a thing or two about managing startups yourself.

2. Forbes

Don’t be afraid of this high-profile name; Forbes has a lot to offer to entrepreneurs of all sizes. Instructive literature, recommendations, tips for people starting their own business, money-saving tricks, articles aimed at making you more tech-savvy, tips on new apps that can make your life more effective – in other words, for those who are ready to look it is a veritable goldmine of useful and fun information.

3. Edison Nation

Do you have a brilliant idea you don’t know how to bring to your consumers? Or maybe you are going to start a business but feel unsure what to lay in its foundation? Edison Nation to the rescue! People all over the world use it to get their innovations to possible retailers, to get in touch with other creative individuals, form business and research relationships, polish their excellent but incomplete concepts and, in general, achieve greater results by working in cooperation with others than they ever could have done on their own.


4. Bizplancompetitions

If you have some experience in small business, you probably know that creating a business plan is one of the most hard and complicated tasks you face in this line of work. You may have a perfectly viable idea and may believe you know what to do with it, but when you try to put it into a structured form, it all falls apart. Bizplancompetitions and similar services aim at rectifying the situation by giving you practice. By submitting your business plan to a competition event you will receive useful feedback, get an opportunity to compare notes with other entrepreneurs and, who knows, even win a reward – and these rewards are usually monetary and you can use them in any way you see fit, which is always nice for a new business.

5. Meetup

The hardest thing about starting a new business in a new line of work is finding the right people. Sometimes you have the right acquaintances, but most often you have to handpick the members of your future team and if you have no experience, it may turn out to be very hard.

There are, however, to make this process easier and more pleasant – by using services like Meetup. It is as simple as that – they simply provide a meeting ground for people with correlating interests. If you need a web designer, you go to a web design meetup and look for the right person. Or discuss your points, looking for people sharing your views.

We live in the age of information, and information is by far the most precious commodity. By carefully choosing its sources, you may achieve immediate advantage over your competitors – so don’t wait!

My name is Melissa Burns. I graduated from the faculty of Journalism of Iowa State University in 2008. Nowadays I am an entrepreneur and independent journalist. My sphere of interests includes startups, information technologies and how these ones may be implemented in the sphere of education.

Photos By – Dennis Skley, Edward Li

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