Different Times You Will Need Crime Scene Cleaning Services

Contrary to the allusion in the term crime scene cleanup, it is important to understand this service does not cover just crime scenes only. The essence of this service is the removal of biohazard substances such as blood, bodily fluids and other material with potential of being infectious.

The cleanup service also covers cleanup of other non-organic substances such as teargas and other toxic irritants. There are many other non-criminal situations when this clean up service comes in handy.


You should do extensive research to find out when you might need crime scene cleanup Dallas, Texas. They may be able to help you in several situations.

Violent crime scene

A scene where there has been a violent death will require the specialized cleanup. The presence of blood and other bodily liquids will fill such a scene. You can expect these to be on the floors, walls and surrounding objects. The cleanup service will come in to remove such substances. You can expect that they will have the equipment and cleaning products to remove every trace without leaving any stains behind. The cleaning services will cover every inch to ensure all corners are cleaned. The cleanup will also remove any marks left behind by the forensic team such as powder used to dust for prints and such.

Suicide scene

A suicide scene, especially one where the victim takes his or her life violently, also requires cleaning. You can expect the cleaning service to remove all traces of blood and other bodily fluids. Again here, the service is thorough to ensure the area is restored to its original condition. The professional service will not use bleach or other abrasive substances in a manner that will leave behind discoloration and stains. This would only serve as a constant reminder of what happened at that spot. A thorough clean will cover the whole affected area based on expected splatter patterns.

Unattended death

Sometimes people meet untimely death when on their own. They may be living alone or they may have been alone at the time of death. In such instances, their bodies may go undiscovered for days and by then, they would have started decaying. The crime scene cleanup comes in handy to help clean up the room. They will also deal with the foul smell and freshen up the room. If the death happened in a house where you are the landlord, you want to prepare the house for the next available tenant.

Criminal activity cleanup

Criminals may not necessarily cause physical harm but they may expose your property to hazardous activities. When law enforcers storm with tear gas, you can expect it to linger within the spaces of the house for some time. The criminals may also set up a meth lab on your property. Crime scene cleaners help remove any lingering chemicals and contaminated air, ready for the next tenant.

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