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Looking after your Body and Mind

You may be wondering about how you can positively change your life. Perhaps you seek to lose weight, become more active or simply feel healthier. Living a healthier life often requires some adjustments in various areas of your lifestyle. The basis of good health includes making better lifestyle choices, exercise […]


Home Remedies For Allergies

Allergies can be very frustrating and, while there are different kinds of allergies, some of the most common symptoms include sneezing, wheezing, watery eyes, running nose and itching in the nose and eyes. It is no wonder then that so many people are looking for home remedies. Cost of Allergy […]


Shift workers and heart disease

It has long been suspected that there is an association between shift workers and a higher incidence of heart attack and stroke. Researchers conducted a systematic review of 34 studies and concluded that “Shift work is associated with vascular events, which may have implications for public policy and occupational medicine”. […]