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The right ways of promoting blogs to drive more traffic to it

The blog is the most popular form of content, and you will hardly find any website that does not use blogs. Creating blogs is the best way to communicate with the audience and with some hard work and conviction; it is not difficult to build useful blogs. What’s hard is to ensure that blogs get the attention that it deserves. This is the biggest challenge that you face because even if you have created blogs that appear to be useful, the audience decides what it is. Only if viewers find blogs relevant that they will pay attention to it. Therefore, before you set out to create blogs be sure to know what the audience wants so that it is entirely relevant and of high quality.


Having fulfilled the first condition for making blogs attractive, you have to concentrate on another important area. You must devise ways to drawing the attention of the audience to your blogs by promoting it suitably.  Promoting blogs is part of any affordable SEO packages that you take. Unless you promote blogs correctly, it will not attract viewers no matter how high the quality is. There is fierce competition for grabbing attention in the digital world, and your smart promotion methods can make the blogs shine so that it garners the attention of viewers. In this article, you will come to know about the best ways of generating more traffic to your blogs.

Know what is valuable to the audience

It might happen that you are frustrated because despite creating valuable content, your blogs keep suffering for want of attention of the public. Now the question is how do you know that your blog is worthy? You must have packed with a lot of valuable information that seemed crucial to you and started feeling that you have done a great job. Here you have missed out on an important aspect because even if the information is valuable, is it relevant to the target audience? You have to provide information that is both useful and relevant to the public. Nothing short of it has any value at all. Relevance means that the information must be helpful for the audience in their lives. The easiest way is to choose a topic in your industry segment and build on it with creative inputs.

Insert visuals in blogs

Remember that blogs are not typical essays that you find in books. The structure and presentation of blogs are entirely different because everything aims at garnering the attention of the audience. Blogs must not have the monotonous looks of textbooks, but you must pack it with visuals that provide relief and increases its attraction. You can have photographs and graphics in blogs that can instantly attract people to it. Select the images correctly, so that it evokes the right kind of emotion among the audience. You can even include videos if you feel like. Just ensure that the visuals must be easily shareable, so that is increases the appeal of blogs.

Give incentives to readers

This is another well-known technique – much talked about and widely practiced.  Who does not know what happens when you hold a carrot in front of your audience? They will find it hard not to reach out for it. However, to be successful in this campaign, you must be ready to give away something. Everything comes at a cost, and at least in this case, you will find it more than worth. Talk to a company and arrange to hold a contest. See how much buzz it creates around the blogs that you promote. Give small incentives to readers, some small gifts and see how traffic flows heavily to your blogs. Most of it will be new readers as you smile away to victory. Whatever might have changed with times, the lure of gifts in promoting campaigns has not lost its power and value.

 Generate trust among viewers

Attracting viewers is a continuous process and at the center of attraction is the confidence level that audiences enjoy when being associated with your blogs. You have to be completely trustworthy to readers to ensure that they can rely on you so much that they keep coming back to your website time and again. It marks the beginning of a relationship that goes a long way in realizing the goals of blogging. Start interacting with viewers and make use of every opportunity to talk to them by picking up the threads of communication that emanate from the comments they make on the blog post. In this way, you can build a community that viewers can trust that contributes to developing authority in your domain. In the process, you can make a brand for yourself.

Get free exposure and create ambassadors

Once you start sharing meaningful content with people who are willing to propagate it across their circles, you have made the investment necessary to earn broad exposure. The content will transcend all boundaries and reach to new readers who you could not have ever thought of being a part of your audience.  The social media platform is the best place to begin the sharing activity that starts by tagging some of your loyal customers and then the organic process keeps rolling. As the process gathers steam, you can identify the clients who form a core team in sharing and use them as your ambassadors to further the cause.

 Target a specific audience

This method needs some investment, and you can think about paid advertising on social media if you have some money to spare. The advertisement is primarily a call to action, and you can select some specific audience who can view the advertisement. The reason is that some social media sites regulate the options of viewers regarding what they can see and what they cannot. You can plan such campaigns once in awhile when you feel that returns are likely to happen.

Plan to promote blogs methodically and use the social media aggressively so that you enjoy consistent traffic flow to your website.

Author Bio – Lalit Sharma is a SEO consultant who runs a SEO house called Ranking By SEO. He is specialized in link building and other SEO related activities. You can also find him on TwitterGoogle+ and his personal blog.

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