Enhance The Pefformance Of The Site With Social Media Optimisation

For many years the search engine optimization or SEO is supposed to be of more importance to make a site more acceptable to the people. The websites which have better search engine optimization provide the better search experience and hence these are more acceptable. The optimization makes the websites more efficient by means of their performance. There is also a new topic about the optimization which is called social media optimization.

It is not enough to make a social media simple to make it more acceptable and efficient. The social media optimization is also important to enhance the performance of the site. The concept behind the social media optimization or SMO is clear: the optimization is done to make it easier to link, highly visible to the viewers, include the recent posts and blogs, and so on. The points to be remembered for the social media optimization are described in brief in this article.
The ability to link the post to be increased :
This is supposed to be the most important point for the social media optimization. There are many sites which are static which refers that these sites are not updated regularly. If the updating of a site is not done on a regular basis, there will be a question on the link ability of the site. This can be done by posting the recent articles, blogs, podcasts, and so on.
The process of the tagging and bookmarking is to be made easy :
There are many sites which are restricted or rigid to use the tagging and bookmarking. The tagging and bookmarking enhance the performance and the acceptability of a site to the people. Hence the tagging and the bookmarking procedure should be made in a way so that these can be done with ease. This feature is very important regarding the optimization of the social media.
The inbound links should be rewarded :
Very often barometer is used to denote the success of a blog.Similarly the inbound links are important in overall ranking of the site. Optimization of social media follows the process of clear reward for the inbound links to make the site more attractive and acceptable to the viewers.
Help the content to travel :
Unlike much of search engine optimization or SEO the social media optimization or SMO is not all about the changes in the site. To optimize the social media effectively, the contents which are portable like PDF, audio, video, and so on are to be posted so that the views can easily access them and share to others.
The process of mixing and mash up to be encouraged :
This is the era of cooperation. No body will be able to live and do any creative work without the help of others. Hence it is not all to post anything to the social media. The posts should be easy to access by other users and to edit them. If the posts are edited and re-edited by huge number of users, this would be viewing by large audience or viewer. This will increase the rank and the performance of the post and of the site. Hence, social media optimization is a cumulative process of making the posts, articles and blogs easy to access and easy to share and edit.

Rajat Jain is one of the India’s leading social media consultant & digital marketing strategist, extensively known for his Search Engine Expertise. He is the founder of Social Media Marketing Company | Shootorder , a famous digital marketing services firm in Hyderabad (India).


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